N' Digital Mastertrack V.09 mit 3 Handregler, 3 Decoder, 1 Netzgerät

534.90 CHF


Digital Master Track Set with 46+ feet of track, four lane change tracks, three decoder chips, digital console, three hand controllers and power supply. Comes with enough components to race up to three cars at the same time. Can be expanded to up to 8 cars by purchasing additional hand controllers and decoder chips.
Professional layout featuring elevated and banked straights and curves for fast and skilled driving. Ideal for single-seat, GT and Rally cars.
Maximum track length in a reduced space, ideal for temporary or permanent home assembly. Measures 1.52 m x 2.74 m (designed to fit a standard 5 ft x 9 ft Ping Pong table).
Multifunction digital control unit - digital console with data display screen, management of 7 different types of races, individual and multi-player, fastest reaction speed in orders from driver to car, race information of all drivers, race information sound signals, race management for cars with and without lights, fuel consumption simulation and time, lap & fast lap control.
The layout size is 5' x 9' and the running length is 46.8 feet for the 2 lane layout in the picture.
Features - compatible with most 1/32 scale slot cars with correctly installed N-Digital decoder chip, up to 8 cars at the same time (additional N-Digital controllers required), lane changes to overtake, electrical reliability and is very easy to assemble & disassemble.
Made by NINCO, compatible with all other N-Digital products and guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase